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Appointments made easy


Business Services


Poindle is the free & easy app for businessess organize and manage their appointments

Step 1

Create your Poindle profile to register your business (or school or organization).

Step 2

Enter the services & activities you offer to your clients, and the staff or resources that provide them.  Examples? A hair salon lists its  services and treatments and the hairdressers or specialists that provide service to clients.  A business center may enter information about conference rooms that clients can book.  A garage can enter information about its repair services and the number of mechanics available.  The possibilities are endless!  

Step 3

Enter your hours of operation & begin receiving hassle-free online appointments through our FREE Poindle services. Enjoy additional features with our Premium Services that provide extensive reporting and customer management features.

Premium Services


Customer Reports


Premium Reports help small businesses transition from "pen and paper" or spreadsheets to an automated online system accessible via web, tablet, and smartphone.

Subscription Includes:
  • Customer database

  • Sortable Customer Lists

  • Historical appointment reports

  • Scheduled Appointment Reports

  • Cancelled Appointment Reports

  • Customer "No Show" Reports



Customer Management 

Premium Customer Management enables

rich customer interactions that helps small businesses identify periods of low activity, improve client contact and increase revenue.

Subscription Includes:
  • Client email notifications

    • General greetings

    • "Thank you for your business" greetings

    • Appointment reminders

    • Appointment recalls

    • Waitlist appointment availability notifications

  • Email appointment invitations with My Schedule Availability



schdule application
mobile schedule application

Sample Reports

Sample Customer Management

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