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Gold Customer Management Plan

mobile schduling application

The Gold Customer Management Plan is Poindles' most powerful and resourceful service we offer. In addition to the free services; registering your business & services and displaying all available times for customers to pick at their convenience, The Gold Customer Management Plan offers a detailed customer database & an interactive service with your customers; allowing the business to email schedule availabilities, appointment invitations, waitlist notifications, greeting messages and more! With the Gold Customer Management Plan, businesses no longer need to use multiple platforms to schedule, track and interact with their customers, it is all done through Poindles' affordable package.

Gold Customer Management Plan

  • Sortable Customer Lists

  • Scheduled Appointment Reports

  • Canceled Appointment Reports

  • Customer "No Show" Reports

  • Detailed Customer Database

  • Detailed Appointment Reports

  • Send client email notifications

    • General greetings

    • Thank you for your business greetings

    • Appointment reminders

    • Appointment recalls

    • Waitlist notification

  • Email my schedule availability  & invitations


$7.49 per month (billed annually $89.88)

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