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Poindle Privacy Policy 

Poindle stores user information for the sole purpose of enabling suppliers and customers to establish a direct relationship. Poindle makes every effort to ensure that client information is protected against loss or theft. Personal or identifying client information is not sold or shared with other organizations.

Information that could be used to identify clients through their contact information in their profiles is used for the sole purpose of informing suppliers as to the identity and location of clients requesting services from the suppliers. All such information is held private between the clients and the suppliers they choose to deal with. Such information is never shared with other suppliers or organizations.

Clients who choose to provide contact information and choose to receive suppier information such as sales promotion, advertising or custom service advisories may terminate such communications at any time by informing Poindle of this choice.

Poindle clients may request deletion of their profile information at any time by using the "Contact Us" facilitate in the application and requesting that their information be deleted from the Poindle system. Clients wishing to resume the use of the Poindle service after such request will have to re-enter their profile information.

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