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What is Poindle?

Poindle is an appointment scheduling system that allows people to easily make appointments.  What kinds of appointments?  Pretty much anything you can imagine! Appointments with your professor or TA, hair appointments, maintenance work on your home or car, yoga class, a lawyer... anything!

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely!  Most consumers will find that it takes less than 1 minute to sign in and find the services or activities they are looking for, at a time and place convenient for them.

Most small business will be "up and running" on the Poindle system in 5-10 minutes.  Just enter your business location, the services and activities you offer, and the days and hours that you (and your staff) are available.


How do you use Poindle?

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Consumers select a category (like "Auto Maintenance") and the service they wish to schedule (perhaps "Oil Change"), enters the location where the service will occur (example:  at the mechanic's location with 10 miles of my home), and the desired appointment date and time.  Poindle then displays who is available.  You then simply select the specific time for your appointment and click "MAKE MY APPOINTMENT".

How do small businesses benefit from Poindle?

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Most small service businesses simply do not have the time or money to invest in creating automated scheduling systems, and rely on phone calls and "pen an paper" to record appointments with their customers.  Poindle makes it easy for these small businesses to take advantage of an automated system that makes their work easier - no more disruptions to answer the phone, no more repeated voice mails when trying to arrange or confirm customer appointments - and makes it more convenient for your customers to work with you.


With Poindle, small businesses can offer the same conveniences to their clients as the "big guys". Subscribe to our Premium Services to enjoy additional benefits.

How much does it cost?


The Poindle scheduling system is FREE to use!


Businesses can take advantage of optional advanced reporting and contact features and there are small fees for using these advanced capabilities, typically less than $5/month.

Can teachers & students use Poindle?

Certainly!  Poindle was originally created to make it easy for teachers, professors, TAs, tutors, students and parents to make appointments.  In fact, "Academic" use of Poindle is entirely FREE and always will be, even the advanced reporting features!


Can I schedule a babysitter though Poindle?

Yes, babysitters can join Poindle and enter in the information about their availability, making it easy for people in the local community to find them.

What if I want to mow lawns as a summer job, can I use Poindle?

Of course!  Simply register as a service provider that offers lawn mowing service (and other related services that you want to offer) enter the area that you can cover (like, within 1 mile of my home), and the days and times you are available and people in your neighborhood will be able to find you easily. 

Does Poindle have a Privacy Policy?

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