Schedule music, Dancing & art lessons  (And anything else you can think of!)

Want to find a tutor or class nearby?  Or let people know that you're available to teach, instruct or train?  

Online appointments make it easy for your customer.  Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth voice mails or emails with your customers. 

Let people know you're available to tutor or instruct.  Increase your business easily through Poindle.

Online & automated!

Need to meet a teacher or TA or professor?  Easily find and select an available meeting time.

Online & automated!

for tutors & lessons

for parents & students

for teachers, TA's & professors

Online, automated appointments

Replace desktop blotters, notepads and phone calls with an easy to use system that places your appointment calendar at your fingertips!



for teachers, tutors, TA's & professors

for small businesses and service providers

Easily set office hours & meeting times.  Parents and students can then select an available time to meet. 

Online & automated!

what can you do with poindle?  the possibilities are endless!

  • make appointments with local businesses

  • provide an online, automated scheduling system for your clients

  • Arrange & Manage appointments

  • schedule meetings with professors / Ta's, Teachers & tutors

  • organize a field trip

  • Book conference rooms or other shared resources

  • Register for a class

  • find a piano teacher

  • Get a massage

  • reserve a tennis court

Online appointments make it easy for customers to find you, and for you to manage  & engage your customers.  Eliminate back-and-forth voice mails with your customers. 

for small businesses and service providers

Parent / student - Teacher Meetings

Teachers define their availability and parents and students can then easily schedule meetings through their phone app or on the web.

       Appointments made easy ! 

Easily set office hours & meeting times.  Parents and students can then select an available time to meet.  Online & automated!

Schedule student meetings

Make office hours more productive and avoid playing "email tag" when trying to arrange meeting times.

Poindle is the free & easy way to organize and manage appointments via any web-enabled device, tablet or smartphone.  FREE?  YES!​  There is no fee for using the Poindle scheduling system.